Hennie & Mercia chose to host their wedding at Blue Horizon Estate in Simonstown.

These two amazing people are all the way from the northern parts of South-Africa, from a town called Carletonville.

Having a destination wedding in Cape Town was a treat for all their guests and the view from the top of Simonstown definitely is one you don’t forget easily.

A few months back I photographed Hennie & Mercia’s Engagement Shoot on Campsbay Beach and since then I was looking forward to their wedding on Valentines Day 2014.

I had so much fun spending the day with their entire family and close friends!

The Wedding Service Providers:

Decor & Flowers: Prickly Pear

Event Cordination: NDG Events

Wedding Cake: Kanya Hunt

Photobooth: Picture Parlour

H&M_0001 H&M_0002

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H&M_0041 H&M_0044 H&M_0047 H&M_0063 H&M_0061 H&M_0053 H&M_0051 H&M_0059 H&M_0046 H&M_0048 H&M_0056 H&M_0065 H&M_0066 H&M_0068 H&M_0070 H&M_0054 H&M_0069 H&M_0067 H&M_0060 H&M_0058 H&M_0050 H&M_0057 H&M_0049 H&M_0055 H&M_0062 H&M_0064 H&M_0072 H&M_0071 H&M_0073 H&M_0076 H&M_0052 H&M_0045 H&M_0043 H&M_0042 H&M_0074 H&M_0075 H&M_0077H&M_0078 H&M_0079 H&M_0080 H&M_0082 H&M_0083 H&M_0084 H&M_0085 H&M_0086 H&M_0087 H&M_0088 H&M_0089 H&M_0090 H&M_0081 H&M_0091 H&M_0092 H&M_0093 H&M_0096 H&M_0094 H&M_0095 H&M_0097 H&M_0098 H&M_0099 H&M_0100 H&M_0101 H&M_0102 H&M_0103 H&M_0104 H&M_0105 H&M_0106 H&M_0107 H&M_0108 H&M_0109

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