Meet two of the most special people you will ever get to meet. Cheleen and Villiers.

Cheleen and Villiers has been in my life for over 10 years and I am happy to call them my friends.

5 years ago they tied the knot on one of the most miserable days the Cape has ever seen, the wind was howling, it was storming outside and as a photographer it was a nightmare.

Having only limited photographs of their wedding day, we decided what better time than for their 5 year wedding anniversary coming up, to do a photo shoot in celebration of their 5 years of marriage.

We kept our fingers crossed, and eye on the weather and we got blessed with one of the most BEAUTIFUL days in Cape Town!

What an honor to photograph these two special people! I really can write a book about our experiences and the memories we share….however let me rather get straight to the photos.

How beautiful are they!!!! They are so in love and it shows!

Love you both!

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