When you get a request like this….you just have to go…HECK YES!!

Renee & Michael wanted to do a few different locations for their couple photography session.

We literally took an entire day to complete this shoot!

From CPT Airport, to a few locations all over the Cape and this is the result!!

Michael is from the U.K and Renee from Cape Town. They met and fell in love in Cape Town, but have in their years together traveled all over the world!

They are savvy, fun and up for a laugh anytime!

Renee & Michael is such a lovely couple and such a blast to photograph!!

rene_0006 rene_0007 rene_0008 rene_0010 rene_0011 rene_0012 rene_0013 rene_0014 rene_0015 rene_0016 rene_0017 rene_0018 rene_0019 rene_0020 rene_0021

These two are very cheeky!!!

rene_0022 rene_0024 rene_0025 rene_0023 rene_0027 rene_0028 rene_0029 rene_0030 rene_0031 rene_0032 rene_0033 rene_0034 rene_0035 rene_0036 rene_0037 rene_0038 rene_0039 rene_0040 rene_0041 rene_0042 rene_0043 rene_0044 rene_0045 rene_0046 rene_0047 rene_0048 rene_0049

rene_0002 rene_0001 rene_0003 rene_0004 rene_0005 rene_0055 rene_0056 rene_0057 rene_0058

rene_0059 rene_0060 rene_0061 rene_0062 rene_0063 rene_0064 rene_0065 rene_0066 rene_0067

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