There is a lot of stress and emotions running on overdrive on the wedding day. The bride and groom will be stressing over all the details, and there will definitely be a little bit of chaos..

Guests play a main part in a couples big day. However guest that do not always know the correct etiquette or keep to the “rules” will be adding to the stress of the day and contribute to unnecessary stress and chaos.

Here is a few things wedding guests should NOT make themselves guilty off:

Be On Time:

There is nothing worse or annoying than wedding guests that come late to the ceremony. I have seen it numerous times and I know the effect it has. Sneaking pass the bride just as she is about to walk down the isle, or rushing into the ceremony straight after the bride is an absolute NO!!!

Don’t try to Upstage the Bride:

Ladies, do not make yourself guilty of this faux pas, by dressing too revealing, have a too short dress, or too high heels (I have seen ladies that can barely walk (lets not talk about the dancing)in sky high heels. Chances are you will feel uncomfortable and look the part as well.

Don’t Overshare:

Nothing gets me more worked up, than guests that take pictures of the bride even before she walks down the aisle or even before they are declared husband and wife and share it on social media. Personally some things are meant to stay private and intimate and a couple’s wedding day is one of those things. Keep the sharing until later in the evening or the next morning if you really have to share their moments to your followers. Read this article about how Guests Can Ruin Your Wedding Photos.

Don’t be Demanding:

I have experienced some guests that for some reason try to “take over the show” by either making a scene, arguing with the staff or get the wedding photographer to take photos of them in a “drunken” state while they are busy with other tasks.

Don’t Overdo it at the Bar:

There is nothing more embarrassing and frustrating than a guest who is over-served. Being loud, disruptive and falling all over yourself and others is not a good look for anyone.


Do not take the decorations home:

What a odd thing to mention, however mostly if not all couples hire all the decor items on the tables. Do not take items home with you since the couple will be liable to pay and replace such items.

So next time you are invited to a wedding, dress nicely, be on time, take a gift and enjoy the day with the couple.

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