Photographers love to experiment! We like to be creative and create beautiful images.I personally love to do at least 2-3 styled shoots a year. One where every detail is planned/sourced and carefully executed.

The problem with all this wonderful inspiration is that is sets the bar very high in regards to real life.

I feel this is of such a big concern that I have already written something about this…mostly about Pinterest or online images. Brides to be…soaking up the images, the poses, the hairstyles, the dresses, even the locations and time of day or overall “mood” of the photograph…and here comes the kicker…they will try everything they can to replicate their favorite images on their wedding day.

So without repeating myself too much I will once again just remind every bride to be….to stay true to you, your style, and what works for your wedding. Every wedding is unique and present amazing moments to be captured without stressing too much about them.

99 Red Balloons Styled Shoot

So what is the Issue??

Essentially the sourcing of ideas and favorite things is one of the most exciting things a bride-to-be can do, however there should be a clear understanding that  probably most of the images you have sourced are from styled shoots….carefully posed, planned and executed photo shoots.

Styled shoots are the handy work of  a team of creatives, getting ideas together and doing everything they can to have every image be perfect. Sometimes even styled shoots deliver only 5 AMAZING photographs, since there is so many variables on the day that sometimes even with all the planning the images don’t look and come across exactly as they want.

Apart from all the planning that these creatives do, they carefully pick the models/couples, create a concept, source locations and everything is tailor made to suit the style of the shoot. Which result in amazing hairstyles, couture dresses, perfect make-up, amazing locations and most probably the shoot was planned according to the weather as well.


So when a bride-to-be looks through images, and sees all these amazing images, she wants her wedding to look like that and her wedding photographs to have exactly that “look & feel”.  Depending on the personality of the bride-to-be this might become a bit of a nightmare since replicating images/settings or a “look” is not always possible…and when I say not always possible, I actually mean that it is sometimes just NOT POSSIBLE.

By doing this to yourself, you only set yourself up for disappointment. Your photographer will feel tremendous pressure to replicate your ideas, robbing them of their own creativity and ideas. The truth is, that sometimes what is expected and what the reality is, is so far removed from one another you can not help but wonder…”What were you thinking”?

I once had a bride that told me she loved soft light in photographs, and by “soft light” I mean the kind of light you get about 30min before  the sun sets. Which was all good and well, but they decided to get married at 12:00 on a hot day in the middle of summer. (So right there, a big problem arises since photographs taken at 12:00 and photographs taken at 19:00 will not look the same…EVER)

There also was a bride that wanted certain images…however on the day of the wedding, the setting, the location,the wardrobe .. well nothing really… looked or presented the perfect setting to replicate most of the “wanted” images. So just imagine the pressure of trying to please someone who has unrealistic expectations and none of the images will be what she really wanted since non of them will look like the downloaded photographs?

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The problem with these styled shoots is that the make-up/dresses/ hairstyles etc is all carefully decided and tried out before the shoot. The same should be done for your wedding day. Don’t just look at a picture and then buy a dress without trying it on to see if it fits your body type, or try out hairstyles on the day of the wedding. Not everything works with everybody so make sure your choice is the best choice for you. What looks good on one woman might not be the best look for another. This article might assist in helping you find the prefect wedding dress that suits your body type.

Use all the information you can find while planning your wedding, but keep realistic expectations. Carefully select the photographer you want for your wedding and make sure you like their style. Allow enough time for your photographer to photograph all the details of your day and remember to enjoy yourself!