Every now and again I tried something different, this time I went a bit “creative” with the editing.

I picked a few images and applied a few creative elements to them….some completely different than my normal style, and some might be incorporated into a few shoots.

Change is as good as a holiday….right??

Please feel free to leave comments underneath!

New edits_0001 New edits_0002 New edits_0003 New edits_0004 New edits_0005 New edits_0006 New edits_0007 New edits_0008 New edits_0009 New edits_0010 New edits_0011 New edits_0012 New edits_0013 New edits_0014 New edits_0015 New edits_0016 New edits_0017 New edits_0018 New edits_0019 New edits_0020

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