Deon & Erlise tied the knot on a beautiful winter’s day in Paarl. Rhebokskloof Wine Estate hosted this beautiful wedding, and the weather was just spectacular.

When I arrived at where Deon & Erlise were getting ready it was really noticeable how calm yet very excited these two were to marry each other.

After many years together they are very much in love, and it is lovely to witness how they look at one another and never stop smiling when they are close to each other.

I had a blast photographing their special day!

Service Providers that made the day possible:

Wedding Venue: Rhebokskloof

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero (Ever After Bridal)

Wedding Cake: Choc ‘n Cherry

Wedding Hair & Make-up: Adri Hugo

Wedding Decor: To-Netts

D&E_0001 D&E_0031 D&E_0002 D&E_0003 D&E_0004 D&E_0005 D&E_0006 D&E_0007 D&E_0008 D&E_0009 D&E_0010 D&E_0011 D&E_0012 D&E_0013 D&E_0014 D&E_0015 D&E_0016 D&E_0017 D&E_0018 D&E_0019 D&E_0020 D&E_0021 D&E_0022 D&E_0023 D&E_0024 D&E_0025 D&E_0026 D&E_0029 D&E_0027 D&E_0028 D&E_0030 D&E_0032

D&E_0035 D&E_0034 D&E_0036 D&E_0033 D&E_0037 D&E_0038 D&E_0039 D&E_0040 D&E_0041 D&E_0042 D&E_0043 D&E_0044 D&E_0045 D&E_0046 D&E_0047 D&E_0048 D&E_0049 D&E_0050 D&E_0051 D&E_0052 D&E_0053 D&E_0056 D&E_0058 D&E_0054 D&E_0055 D&E_0057 D&E_0060 D&E_0061 D&E_0062 D&E_0063 D&E_0059 D&E_0064 D&E_0065 D&E_0066

D&E_0068 D&E_0069 D&E_0070 D&E_0071 D&E_0073 D&E_0074 D&E_0072 D&E_0067 D&E_0075 D&E_0077 D&E_0080 D&E_0081 D&E_0082

D&E_0083 D&E_0085 D&E_0086 D&E_0084 D&E_0087 D&E_0088 D&E_0089 D&E_0090 D&E_0093 D&E_0092 D&E_0091 D&E_0094 D&E_0095 D&E_0096 D&E_0076 D&E_0103 D&E_0099


D&E_0101 D&E_0102 D&E_0104


D&E_0105 D&E_0107 D&E_0108


D&E_0109 D&E_0110

D&E_0111 D&E_0112 D&E_0113 D&E_0114 D&E_0116 D&E_0118 D&E_0115 D&E_0119 D&E_0120 D&E_0121 D&E_0122 D&E_0123 D&E_0124 D&E_0125 D&E_0130 D&E_0126 D&E_0127 D&E_0128 D&E_0129


D&E_0137 D&E_0135 D&E_0134 D&E_0139 D&E_0133 D&E_0136 D&E_0138 D&E_0141 D&E_0140 D&E_0142 D&E_0143 D&E_0144 D&E_0132

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