10 Most Common Wedding Problems Solved

Cutting the guest list

Sometimes the venue is too small or your budget does not allow for many guests. Parents list vs. your own list. Your parents or in-laws want you to invite their friends or extended family members you have never met. What do you do? You just have to be ruthless, take their suggestions into consideration but in the end remember it is YOUR day not theirs! Learn to say no.



Who is seated at the main table? This can be simple if you just include the wedding party and both pairs of parents. Where the problem comes in is where there are divorced parents. What do you do? What you could do in this case is seat all the parents at the main table with you and seat the bridesmaids and groomsmen at another table or vice versa or if there are just too many you could just do a main table only for the 2 of you and seat everyone else together.

Friends and money

Your friends offer to help with the wedding; it may be with flowers or photography but it can be awkward as you do not know if they are doing it as a wedding gift or if they are going to charge you. The best way to deal with this is to ask upfront for a quote, this way they will know you are not taking advantage of them and you can plan it into your budget.


How do you choose your bridesmaids and not offend other friends. You may have lots of close friends but only want to have a couple of bridesmaids. You could ask these friends to do a special reading at the wedding. Or if you want to include them but you budget does not allow you could ask them to pay for their own dresses.

Flowers wilting

Especially in humid climates, cut flowers can wilt. Make sure they are not ordered too early. Have them delivered 30 mins before and keep them watered. Have spray bottles handy to refreshen them. Keeping bouquets in the fridge actually can cause the flowers to wilt.


Cake disasters

Make sure the cake is kept in a cool place to prevent it from melting. Avoid a cake falling disaster by not walking a long distance with it and making sure the table it goes on is not wobbly or near the dance floor where it can easily get knocked over.


Social Media

Avoid friends posting photos online before the professional photos go out by asking them. If you don’t ask they will assume it is ok with you.
Keeping the guests waiting
The guests usually have to wait before the arrival of the bride and while the wedding couple are having their photo shoot. While this is happening, make sure they have an area to congregate and provide snacks or drinks or some light entertainment.

Dress malfunction

Make sure you have an emergency sewing kit on hand in case any of the dresses rip or tare. If you spill red wine, use a towel to absorb as much of the wine as possible, dab, never rub. Soak with warm water and then cover with baby powder or white chalk.


Gift List

You may already have everything you need for you home and you would prefer cash to help with your honeymoon. You can request it on the invitation with bank details. It is more common than you think. If one or two guests prefer to give you a gift then accept them graciously.