Book a flight to Cape Town….Check…Pick the perfect spot to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you..CHECK….book an Engagement shoot for the day after…Check….Wake up at 4:30am to shoot before sunrise….CHECK! Sounds like FUN right….This is exactly what we got up to recently.

Looking at these photos you would never know that these were taken bright and early…early enough for the very popular Campsbay Beach to be deserted.

Andre & Antoinette were such great sports and we had a blast shooting their engagement shoot.

Andre and Antoinette makes a beautiful couple and they are very much in love.


Andre_0001 Andre_0008 Andre_0010 Andre_0020 Andre_0013 Andre_0027 Andre_0028 Andre_0035 Andre_0037 Andre_0009 Andre_0011 Andre_0012 Andre_0007 Andre_0006 Andre_0005 Andre_0003 Andre_0004 Andre_0002

Andre_0013 Andre_0014 Andre_0015 Andre_0016 Andre_0017 Andre_0020 Andre_0025 Andre_0024 Andre_0023 Andre_0018 Andre_0019 Andre_0026 Andre_0021 Andre_0022

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