I first met Robin & Zane when we decided to do their Engagement shoot in Cape Town in 2014.  Walking into the Strandkombuis wedding venue on their wedding day, only proved that these two has style, class and a little bit of  je ne sais quoi! 

These two are so much fun, witty and have a distinctive awesomeness about them that is hard to miss.

True to Yzerfontein’s unpredictable weather, we were surrounded by thick mist the entire day, but not even being engulfed by grey weather, could dull these two’s bright smiles and attitudes.

Their wedding was one to remember, beautifully decorated and executed.

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The service providers that made the day possible:

Hair & Make-up: Corle Barnard

Wedding Dress: Robyn Roberts

Marriage Official: Daniel Brits

Video: Pie in the Sky

Wedding Co’ordinater: Natalie from NDG Events

Decor & Stationary: Prickly Pear

Fire Tribe were responsible for the AMAZING Wedding Fire Show