How beautiful is Cape Town early in the morning! Add these two lovelies and you get an amazing scene.

Moynene & Henna are a beautiful couple, planning to tie the know later in 2015.

Having them in front of my lens was such a great experience and I am sure they will have an amazing wedding!

M&H_0001 M&H_0002 M&H_0003 M&H_0004 M&H_0005 M&H_0006 M&H_0007 M&H_0008 M&H_0009 M&H_0010 M&H_0011 M&H_0012 M&H_0013 M&H_0014

M&H_0015 M&H_0016 M&H_0017 M&H_0018 M&H_0019 M&H_0020 M&H_0021 M&H_0022 M&H_0023 M&H_0024 M&H_0025 M&H_0026 M&H_0027 M&H_0028 M&H_0029 M&H_0030

M&H_0031 M&H_0032 M&H_0033 M&H_0034 M&H_0035 M&H_0038 M&H_0039 M&H_0040 M&H_0041 M&H_0042 M&H_0043 M&H_0044 M&H_0045 M&H_0046

M&H_0047 M&H_0048 M&H_0049 M&H_0050 M&H_0051 M&H_0052 M&H_0053 M&H_0054 M&H_0036 M&H_0037