Michael & Monica tied the knot at the beautiful Bakenhof. There was so many beautiful moments with gorgeous special touches and decor elements.

The guests had one amazing party after a heartfelt ceremony and everybody enjoyed themselves.

My sister Jorinda Louw with her team photographed this beautiful wedding and together with amazing service providers they pulled off one amazing wedding!

Decor and styling  Celeste styled events hello@celestestyledevents.co.za
Black board artist Shelley 082 464 0872
Coordinators Nicola / Kim-lee Bakenhof
String Quartet , Strings Attached.  Loren lorpsy@gmail.com
Live entertainment,  The Banned, Suzanne 072 114 9597
Catering Rix catering
Wedding cake Tanielle DecorAte 072 223 0681
Hair by Simone 084 512 8855
Dress made by Elizabeth Stockenstrom.

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