A festival of pink and white awaited the guests of Bledi & Lucinda’s wedding at the beautiful Bakenhof. Crystals dripped from the chandeliers, the roses bloomed and you smelled the sweet smell of candy floss and popcorn in the air.

So much love went into the details of this wedding that I am sure Lucinda and Bledi stood back as the night unfolded and felt proud at what a beautiful setting they have for their special day.

At weddings I rarely get a “first” but at this wedding I did get one “first” and that was the fact that they had live butterflies as confetti. The little oaks might have still been a little bit asleep when their big moment arrived but I tried to capture a few of them in all their glory.

L&B_0001 L&B_0002 L&B_0003 L&B_0004 L&B_0005 L&B_0006 L&B_0007 L&B_0008 L&B_0009 L&B_0011 L&B_0010

L&B_0012 L&B_0013 L&B_0017 L&B_0015 L&B_0016 L&B_0018 L&B_0019 L&B_0020 L&B_0021 L&B_0022 L&B_0023 L&B_0024 L&B_0025 L&B_0026 L&B_0027 L&B_0028

L&B_0029 L&B_0030 L&B_0157 L&B_0031 L&B_0032 L&B_0033 L&B_0034


L&B_0035 L&B_0036 L&B_0037


L&B_0038 L&B_0039 L&B_0040 L&B_0041 L&B_0042 L&B_0043



L&B_0099 L&B_0098

L&B_0046 L&B_0045 L&B_0047 L&B_0048 L&B_0049 L&B_0050

L&B_0052 L&B_0059 L&B_0060 L&B_0054 L&B_0056 L&B_0055 L&B_0061 L&B_0062 L&B_0057 L&B_0063 L&B_0058 L&B_0064 L&B_0065 L&B_0066 L&B_0067 L&B_0068 L&B_0069

L&B_0072 L&B_0073 L&B_0074 L&B_0075 L&B_0076 L&B_0077 L&B_0078 L&B_0079 L&B_0070 L&B_0071 L&B_0080

L&B_0081 L&B_0082 L&B_0087 L&B_0083 L&B_0089 L&B_0084 L&B_0086 L&B_0085 L&B_0088 L&B_0090 L&B_0091 L&B_0092 L&B_0093 L&B_0094 L&B_0095

L&B_0102 L&B_0103 L&B_0104 L&B_0105 L&B_0106 L&B_0107 L&B_0108 L&B_0109 L&B_0110 L&B_0111 L&B_0112 L&B_0113 L&B_0114 L&B_0115

L&B_0116 L&B_0101 L&B_0117 L&B_0118 L&B_0119 L&B_0120 L&B_0121 L&B_0122 L&B_0123 L&B_0124 L&B_0125 L&B_0126 L&B_0127 L&B_0128 L&B_0129 L&B_0130 L&B_0131 L&B_0132 L&B_0133

L&B_0134 L&B_0135 L&B_0136 L&B_0137 L&B_0138 L&B_0139 L&B_0140 L&B_0141 L&B_0142 L&B_0143 L&B_0144 L&B_0145 L&B_0146 L&B_0147 L&B_0148 L&B_0149 L&B_0150 L&B_0151

L&B_0152 L&B_0153 L&B_0154 L&B_0155 L&B_0156

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