Starting the Easter weekend with a family shoot was the perfect way to kick off a few days in Cape Town where everybody enjoys a bit of time off from work.

On Easter Friday we took to Campsbay beach and as luck will have it the wind was blowing like there was no tomorrow.

However…I was dealing with a crowd that was game for anything and we braved the icy wind to shoot a few family portraits.

What a beautiful family!

Ilona Ilona-3 Ilona-22 Ilona-64 Ilona-86 Ilona-142 Ilona-146 Ilona-149 Ilona-140 Ilona-138 Ilona-135 Ilona-134 Ilona-131 Ilona-129 Ilona-128 Ilona-125 Ilona-107 Ilona-110 Ilona-113 Ilona-115 Ilona-119 Ilona-122 Ilona-123

Ilona-103 Ilona-102 Ilona-99 Ilona-96 Ilona-89 Ilona-88 Ilona-81 Ilona-78 Ilona-59 Ilona-62 Ilona-67 Ilona-68 Ilona-70 Ilona-71 Ilona-72 Ilona-75 Ilona-55 Ilona-52 Ilona-51 Ilona-50 Ilona-49 Ilona-47 Ilona-45 Ilona-43

Ilona-40 Ilona-39 Ilona-36 Ilona-32 Ilona-30 Ilona-29 Ilona-26 Ilona-23 Ilona-19 Ilona-17 Ilona-9 Ilona-14

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