Family’s are special and what better way to celebrate a re-union with a family photo shoot on one of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches.

This is exactly what Ian & Brigitte wanted to do with their beautiful family and celebrating the First birthday of a very special young lady called Mia-Lilly!

After the family shoot Mia- Lilly celebrated turning 1 by Smashing her birthday cake, and I was there to capture the cuteness of it!

Ian_0001 Ian_0002 Ian_0003 Ian_0004 Ian_0005 Ian_0006 Ian_0007 Ian_0008 Ian_0009 Ian_0010 Ian_0011

Ian_0013 Ian_0014 Ian_0015 Ian_0016 Ian_0017 Ian_0018 Ian_0019 Ian_0020 Ian_0021 Ian_0022

Ian_0023 Ian_0024 Ian_0025 Ian_0026 Ian_0027 Ian_0028 Ian_0029 Ian_0030 Ian_0031 Ian_0032 Ian_0033 Ian_0034 Ian_0035 Ian_0036 Ian_0037

Ian_0038 Ian_0039 Ian_0040 Ian_0041 Ian_0042 Ian_0043 Ian_0044 Ian_0045 Ian_0046 Ian_0047 Ian_0048 Ian_0049

Ian_0050 Ian_0051 Ian_0052 Ian_0053 Ian_0054 Ian_0055 Ian_0056 Ian_0057 Ian_0058 Ian_0059 Ian_0060 Ian_0061 Ian_0062 Ian_0063