Anzhela & Gavin wanted something small and intimate…and that is exactly what we got upto on one of Cape Town’s most popular beaches in Sea Point.

The weather did not play along the entire morning, but we were blessed with a little gap in between rain and mist to take some awesome photos.

A&G_0044 A&G_0001 A&G_0002 A&G_0003 A&G_0004 A&G_0005 A&G_0006 A&G_0007 A&G_0008 A&G_0009 A&G_0010

A&G_0011 A&G_0012 A&G_0013 A&G_0014 A&G_0015 A&G_0016 A&G_0017 A&G_0018 A&G_0019 A&G_0020 A&G_0021 A&G_0022 A&G_0023 A&G_0024 A&G_0025 A&G_0026

A&G_0027 A&G_0028 A&G_0029 A&G_0030 A&G_0031 A&G_0032 A&G_0033 A&G_0034 A&G_0035 A&G_0046 A&G_0045

A&G_0036 A&G_0037 A&G_0038 A&G_0039 A&G_0040 A&G_0041 A&G_0042 A&G_0043