These two are just wonderful to photograph! Spontaneous and game for everything!

I had such a ball having these two in front of my lens for their Engagement/Maternity shoot.

Jonathan & Samantha have more than just the upcoming wedding to celebrate, they are also welcoming a little boy called Eli late in 2015.

I can’t wait for their wedding in  2016.

J&S_0001 J&S_0002 J&S_0003 J&S_0005 J&S_0004 J&S_0006 J&S_0007 J&S_0008 J&S_0009

J&S_0011 J&S_0012 J&S_0013 J&S_0014 J&S_0015 J&S_0016 J&S_0017 J&S_0018 J&S_0019 J&S_0020

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