The Lovely Wedding of Mariesa & Gerhardt is finally on my blog!!

What a lovely wedding this was in the month of May (which is my favorite month of the year).

Mariesa looked GORGEOUS and Gerhardt was very excited to finally call her, his wife!

The sunset was just the Cherry on the Cake of a very special day that delivered very special moments for these two!

Be sure to check out their online video! (At the bottom of the post)

M&G_0001 M&G_0002 M&G_0003 M&G_0004 M&G_0005 M&G_0007 M&G_0008 M&G_0009 M&G_0010 M&G_0011 M&G_0012 M&G_0013 M&G_0014 M&G_0015 M&G_0016 M&G_0017 M&G_0018 M&G_0019 M&G_0020 M&G_0021 M&G_0022 M&G_0023


M&G_0026 M&G_0027 M&G_0024 M&G_0028 M&G_0029 M&G_0030 M&G_0031 M&G_0032 M&G_0033 M&G_0034 M&G_0035 M&G_0036 M&G_0037 M&G_0038 M&G_0039 M&G_0040 M&G_0041

M&G_0042 M&G_0043 M&G_0044 M&G_0047 M&G_0048 M&G_0049 M&G_0050 M&G_0051 M&G_0053 M&G_0055 M&G_0056 M&G_0057 M&G_0058 M&G_0045 M&G_0046

M&G_0069 M&G_0059 M&G_0060 M&G_0063 M&G_0066 M&G_0065 M&G_0068 M&G_0070 M&G_0064 M&G_0061 M&G_0067 M&G_0071 M&G_0082 M&G_0076 M&G_0077 M&G_0072

M&G_0073 M&G_0075 M&G_0074 M&G_0078 M&G_0079 M&G_0080 M&G_0081 M&G_0083 M&G_0084 M&G_0085 M&G_0086 M&G_0087 M&G_0088 M&G_0089 M&G_0090

M&G_0091 M&G_0092 M&G_0093 M&G_0094 M&G_0096 M&G_0097 M&G_0098 M&G_0099 M&G_0100 M&G_0101 M&G_0102 M&G_0103 M&G_0104 M&G_0105 M&G_0106 M&G_0107 M&G_0108 M&G_0109 M&G_0110

M&G_0111 M&G_0112 M&G_0113 M&G_0114 M&G_0115 M&G_0116 M&G_0117 M&G_0118 M&G_0119 M&G_0120


View The Wedding Video Here: