Expecting new life is always exciting news, and I have to admit I always get overjoyed when a friend tells me the great news!

Sue is such a beautiful soul, and I knew that she will be a gorgeous pregnant mommy-to-be.

I have to admit that I could not wait to have Sue & JP in front of my lens, to celebrate their baby girl that is soon to arrive…and turns out this shoot has to be one of my favorites!

Can you blame me…these two are gorgeous!

Needless to say Sue makes one beautiful mommy to be and JP can not wait to welcome his daughter into the world.

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Sue & JP_0060

Sue & JP_0004 Sue & JP_0005 Sue & JP_0001 Sue & JP_0002 Sue & JP_0003 Sue & JP_0006 Sue & JP_0007 Sue & JP_0008 Sue & JP_0009 Sue & JP_0010 Sue & JP_0011 Sue & JP_0012

Sue & JP_0013 Sue & JP_0014 Sue & JP_0015 Sue & JP_0016 Sue & JP_0017 Sue & JP_0018 Sue & JP_0019 Sue & JP_0021 Sue & JP_0023 Sue & JP_0024 Sue & JP_0025

Sue & JP_0026 Sue & JP_0027 Sue & JP_0028 Sue & JP_0029 Sue & JP_0030 Sue & JP_0032 Sue & JP_0033 Sue & JP_0034 Sue & JP_0035 Sue & JP_0036

Sue & JP_0037 Sue & JP_0038 Sue & JP_0039 Sue & JP_0040 Sue & JP_0041 Sue & JP_0042 Sue & JP_0043 Sue & JP_0044 Sue & JP_0045 Sue & JP_0046 Sue & JP_0047 Sue & JP_0048

Sue & JP_0049 Sue & JP_0050 Sue & JP_0051 Sue & JP_0052 Sue & JP_0053 Sue & JP_0054 Sue & JP_0055 Sue & JP_0056 Sue & JP_0057 Sue & JP_0058 Sue & JP_0059