Meet Samantha & Carlo – These two tied the knot at the magical Towerbosch Venue near Stellenbosch.

It was such a privilege to photograph Samantha’s wedding since I was very close friends with her and her twin sister Michelle when we were in primary school.

Watching Samantha walking down the isle was very special and to have been entrusted to capture her and Carlo’s special day was something I will always cherish.

The day was perfect and the guests where spoiled with great service and amazing company.

What I loved most about their day was to be able to witness the love between these two. Having been together for 3 years, these two still can’t stop smiling when they are together.

Service Providers:

Decor & Flowers: Marilise Summers From Polkadot Weddings & Design

Catering & Service: Towerbosch

Groom & Bridal Prep Venue: Knorhoek



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