I was super excited when Candice & Hannes asked me to capture their wedding at the lovely 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town.

Walking in to where Hannes was getting ready there was this peaceful yet excited vibe in the air as he was eagerly awaiting to get married to the woman of his dreams!

Candice looked amazing in her wedding dress and surrounded by her family and beautiful daughter Scarlet she walked toward the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with.

This intimate wedding was so special and I am sure they had an amazing time celebrating their love.

Service providers:

12 Apostles Hotel: Willem van der Merwe

Wedding Officiant: Andred Hayward

Decor: To Nett’s

Stationary: Pearl & Ivory

Wedding Dress: Eurobride

Wedding Tux: Ted Baker

Wedding Cake: Cakes by Wade



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