Deon & Beaulah is such a sweet couple and they truly are meant for one another! Their wedding day at Het Vlock Casteel was something special.

Surrounded by friends & family these two declared to love one another for the rest of their life’s.

As something different I looked up the meaning of the name Beaulah (which is such a beautiful name) an behold, I got the following definition:In Hebrew the meaning of the name Beulah is: Married, to marry, claimed as a wife.

How beautiful and fitting for these two!

We took to the surroundings of Het Vlock Casteel for a few photographs after the ceremony and then the celebrations began with heartfelt speeches, the cutting of an amazing cake by Kanya Hunt and some dancing.

We loved spending the day with these two, capturing priceless memories and enjoying the day with them.

Beaulah was dressed by Ilse Roux

Decor & Flowers by To-Nett’s


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