Meet the Beautiful Harmse Family!

We took to Blouberg Beach for their family photo shoot and we had some fun.

As a parent myself I strongly suggest parents taking as many photos with their kids as they grow up since it happens so quickly and they change so much.

To view the Maternity Images of when Ronelle was pregnant with Arno please view them here: Forest Maternity Shoot


R&M_0001 R&M_0003 R&M_0011 R&M_0009 R&M_0007 R&M_0005 R&M_0004 R&M_0006 R&M_0008 R&M_0014 R&M_0015 R&M_0016 R&M_0017 R&M_0018 R&M_0019


R&M_0020 R&M_0029 R&M_0021 R&M_0030 R&M_0027 R&M_0026 R&M_0022 R&M_0023 R&M_0028 R&M_0031 R&M_0034 R&M_0036 R&M_0032 R&M_0038 R&M_0033 R&M_0035 R&M_0039 R&M_0024 R&M_0025 R&M_0002