Sivuyile & Unathi hosted their beautiful wedding at the lovely Rhebokskloof Wine Estate.

From the moment I met Unathi I knew this wedding is going to be something special. These two really are meant for one another.

When you are with these two you can not help but be witness to their warm personalities and humbleness that is so rare to find these days.

Sivu’s smile can light up the room and Unathi’s laughter warms your heart.

I know how much love, energy and planning went into their special day, and having said that, their wedding truly was the event not to be missed.

There was a lot of amazing people involved in making this day possible:

Unathi’s Dress: Gavin Rajah

Sivuyile’s Suit: Joel Basson from Carducci

Unathi’s Make-Up:Alexis Tshangana


Flowers: Barena from Mint & Magnolia

Cake: Juanita from The Cake Lady

Stationery: Tereza from By-Invitation-Only

Decor: Umben Logistics

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