Arjana & Jean-Marc wanted to celebrate this holiday.

We took to Blouberg beach for their Engagement/Family Photo Shoot!

Arjana is the cutest little lady with loads of personality and I am sure she and Jean-Marc will have a great future together!

Arjana_0000 Arjana_0001 Arjana_0002 Arjana_0003 Arjana_0004 Arjana_0005 Arjana_0006 Arjana_0007 Arjana_0008 Arjana_0009 Arjana_0010 Arjana_0011 Arjana_0012 Arjana_0013 Arjana_0014 Arjana_0015 Arjana_0016 Arjana_0017 Arjana_0018 Arjana_0019 Arjana_0020 Arjana_0021 Arjana_0022 Arjana_0023 Arjana_0024 Arjana_0025 Arjana_0026 Arjana_0027 Arjana_0028 Arjana_0029 Arjana_0030 Arjana_0031 Arjana_0032 Arjana_0033 Arjana_0034 Arjana_0035 Arjana_0036 Arjana_0037 Arjana_0038