Lauren & Donovan = One of the sweetest couples you will ever meet! EVER!!

I have met Lauren a few years back and when she and Donovan got Engaged we did an amazing Nautical Inspired Engagement Shoot.

Fast forward  to a very hot summers day in Stellenbosch, on the beautiful Nooitgedacht Estate where they have decided to host their wedding celebration.

Lauren is an ABSOLUTELY stunning lady inside and out and Donovan is the gentleman every mom wants her son to be!

One of my favorite moments was the moment when Donovan saw Lauren standing in the doorway ready to walk down the isle. Even on the photos you will see how he on that moment took a sharp breath of air  ~ She really did take his breath away!

Service Providers:

Make-up by Lisl from Powder Puff Make-Up & Hair

Hair by Maryke Nel

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Photography: Shireen Louw Photography

Venue: Nooitgedacht

Cake: Charnee Arendse from Bake it Fabulous Cakes

Decor & Flower: Tonetts

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