Jaco & Di-Ann really are the two warmest and friendliest people you will ever meet.

There is no shortages of giggles and smiles and on their wedding day it was no exception.

Bakenhof hosted their beautiful wedding with Orchids and cute bunny features.

Di-Ann looked stunning in her Maggie Sottero Gown and her smile lit up the room.

Jaco clearly could not wait to marry his sweetheart!

These two were a blast to work with, and capturing their special day was a pleasure.

Service Providers:

Venue: Bakenhof Winelands Wedding Venue

Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero

Hair: Megan Verburg

Make-up: Madelein Botha

Catering: Rix Catering

Craft Beer Mobile Station: Bar Di Bar

Check out their wedding Video Here: Bakenhof Wedding Video

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