Melissa & Andi are an an amazing couple and they could not wait to tie the knot!

Atlantic Beach in Melkbos hosted their travel themed wedding celebration. The day was filled with laughter and a lot of love.

Here is a sneak peek into their celebrations.

Jorinda Louw was the photographer for the day.

M&A_0018 M&A_0019 M&A_0020 M&A_0021 M&A_0022 M&A_0023 M&A_0024 M&A_0025

M&A_0104 M&A_0105 M&A_0106

M&A_0026 M&A_0027 M&A_0028 M&A_0001 M&A_0002 M&A_0003 M&A_0004 M&A_0005 M&A_0006 M&A_0009 M&A_0010 M&A_0011 M&A_0012 M&A_0013 M&A_0015 M&A_0014 M&A_0016 M&A_0017 M&A_0029 M&A_0030 M&A_0031 M&A_0032 M&A_0033 M&A_0034 M&A_0035 M&A_0036 M&A_0037 M&A_0038 M&A_0039 M&A_0040 M&A_0041 M&A_0042 M&A_0043 M&A_0044 M&A_0045 M&A_0046 M&A_0048 M&A_0049 M&A_0050 M&A_0051 M&A_0052 M&A_0107 M&A_0108 M&A_0109 M&A_0110 M&A_0058 M&A_0111 M&A_0059 M&A_0060 M&A_0061 M&A_0112 M&A_0113 M&A_0062 M&A_0063

M&A_0064 M&A_0065 M&A_0073 M&A_0074 M&A_0115 M&A_0114 M&A_0117 M&A_0077 M&A_0069 M&A_0072 M&A_0070 M&A_0071 M&A_0066 M&A_0067 M&A_0068 M&A_0076 M&A_0075 M&A_0116 M&A_0080 M&A_0078 M&A_0081 M&A_0082 M&A_0083 M&A_0084 M&A_0079 M&A_0085 M&A_0086 M&A_0087 M&A_0088 M&A_0089 M&A_0090 M&A_0091 M&A_0092 M&A_0093 M&A_0094 M&A_0095 M&A_0096 M&A_0097 M&A_0098 M&A_0099 M&A_0100 M&A_0101 M&A_0102 M&A_0103 M&A_0118 M&A_0119

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