Kelsey & Jean is no stranger to my blog! This beautiful family just keeps on getting more beautiful by the day.

A little while ago I photographed the baby dedication of baby Logan. Today a few months later I had the chance of officially do his first photo shoot with mom & dad.

K&J_0001 K&J_0009 K&J_0002 K&J_0010 K&J_0019 K&J_0012 K&J_0018 K&J_0017 K&J_0016 K&J_0004 K&J_0013 K&J_0005 K&J_0006 K&J_0014 K&J_0007 K&J_0015 K&J_0023 K&J_0022 K&J_0003 K&J_0011 K&J_0020 K&J_0021 K&J_0028 K&J_0026 K&J_0033 K&J_0032 K&J_0034 K&J_0027 K&J_0035 K&J_0036 K&J_0029 K&J_0037 K&J_0030 K&J_0038 K&J_0031 K&J_0039