So how can one NOT get excited by being in Venice? I took this opportunity to have a mini shoot of myself in one of the most incredible city’s I have had the privilege to visit.

Venice oozes energy, and the vibrance of this city is any photographers dream!

Well here I am, taking a chance to be in front of the camera for a change.

Thank you to my talented sister Jorinda Louw for the images.

Shireen-4 Shireen-34 Shireen-30 Shireen-36 Shireen-31 Shireen-24 Shireen-25 Shireen Shireen-18 Shireen-14 Shireen-22 Shireen-17 Shireen-20 Shireen-16 Shireen-21 Shireen-10 Shireen-12 Shireen-15 Shireen-26 Shireen-5 Shireen-28 Shireen-7 Shireen-2 Shireen-11 Shireen-6 Shireen-13 Shireen-19 Shireen-27 Shireen-33 Shireen-32 Shireen-35 Shireen-9 Shireen-3