I have been so privileged to be able to capture this beautiful family as they are growing.

I have taken Tania & Charl’s wedding photos as well as their nautical maternity shoot when they were expecting Hanlo.

Now fast forward a few months and this beautiful blue eyed boy is stealing everybody’s heart.

We opted for a intimate family shoot at their home near Zevenwacht.

C&T_0003 C&T_0017 C&T_0004 C&T_0011 C&T_0005 C&T_0012 C&T_0006 C&T_0013 C&T_0009 C&T_0016 C&T_0008 C&T_0015 C&T_0007 C&T_0014 C&T_0010 C&T_0018 C&T_0025 C&T_0019 C&T_0024 C&T_0020 C&T_0023 C&T_0021 C&T_0028 C&T_0022 C&T_0030 C&T_0027 C&T_0026 C&T_0032 C&T_0029 C&T_0031 C&T_0033 C&T_0001 C&T_0034 C&T_0002 C&T_0035 C&T_0036 C&T_0038 C&T_0037