How can you resist!! Having the opportunity to travel to the UK, stay in London and have an amazing friend who will wake up at 4am in the morning just to be your model.

Early mornings tend to be my favourite time of day to shoot when traveling, especially when there is a lot of tourists flocking to famous landmarks/destinations.

We chose 3 things to feature in our shoot, the Big Ben, the London Eye and the iconic Red Telephone Box.

Since this is a fashion shoot, we took the opportunity to embrace the Lux Sport Fashion movement by pairing sports brands with luxury brands.

We had a lot of fun with this shoot, and I feel absolutely privileged by having amazing opportunities as a photographer to travel the world and capture amazing images.

London_0001 London_0002 London_0003 London_0004 London_0005 London_0006 London_0007 London_0008 London_0009 London_0010 London_0011 London_0012 London_0013 London_0014 London_0015 London_0016 London_0017 London_0018 London_0019 London_0020 London_0021 London_0022