Keren & Raffaele hosted their wedding at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. This was one wedding I am sure nobody that was there will every forget.

These two hosted a celebration like the rockstars that they are.

I first met Keren & Raffaele when I photographed their Beach Cape Town Engagement Shoot, and since then I was super excited for their wedding day to arrive.

Keren looked fantastic and Raff was surrounded by his close male friends looked the every dashing groom.

After the ceremony rose petals rained down on the couple after which celebrations evolved by cutting the cake, taking photos and just having a great time until the reception started.

At the grand ballroom a feast for the eye’s awaited with rows of tables decorated by the most white flowers and touches of green & gold.

The reception was one big party and the guests enjoyed the great service, delicious food and great wine.

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