Carina & Jan-Gys hosted the perfect wedding celebration at Bakenhof.

Originally from South Africa but now living in Australia these two chose to get married in the middle of the Cape Town Winelands, not too far from the family farm.

No detail was too much and everything at this wedding was beautifully executed.

Jan-Gys & his groomsmen arrived in style with 2 Helicopters and I could not resist using one of them as a prop of some of the photos. (My highlight of course)

Carina looked absolutely radiant in her Janita Toerien Wedding Dress with Hair & Make-up done by the talented Alicia Buckle.

The wedding planner was Celeste from Celeste Styled Events & the Flowers was done by Heike Le Cordeur who both did a fantastic job to pull off this elegant wedding.

C&J-3 C&J-4 C&J-5 C&J-6 C&J-7 C&J-8 C&J-10 C&J-11 C&J-12 C&J-15 C&J-16 C&J-18 C&J-19 C&J-20 C&J-22 C&J-27 C&J-28 C&J-23 C&J-25 C&J-32 C&J-33 C&J-34 C&J-44 C&J-46 C&J-47 C&J-53 C&J-61 C&J-64 C&J-65 C&J-66 C&J-67 C&J-68 C&J-74 C&J-76 C&J-77 C&J-78 C&J-80 C&J-84 C&J-90 C&J-95 C&J-99 C&J-101 C&J-107 C&J-108 C&J-114 C&J-115 C&J-116 C&J-117 C&J-120 C&J-122 C&J-123 C&J-126 C&J-128 C&J-132 C&J-135 C&J-138 C&J-148 C&J-150 C&J-152 C&J-155 C&J-157 C&J-158 C&J-164 C&J-178 C&J-180 C&J-182 C&J-185 C&J-186 C&J-187 C&J-188 C&J-190 C&J-191 C&J-193 C&J-194 C&J-195 C&J-196 C&J-209 C&J-210 C&J-211 C&J-213 C&J-219


C&J-255 C&J-257 C&J-269 C&J-271 C&J-265 C&J-267 C&J-259 C&J-286 C&J-287 C&J-289 C&J-230 C&J-238 C&J-247 C&J-250 C&J-252

C&J-220 C&J-224 C&J-302 C&J-272 C&J-317 C&J-283 C&J-308 C&J-285 C&J-281 C&J-305 C&J-279 C&J-304 C&J-276 C&J-301 C&J-274 C&J-310 C&J-343 C&J-330 C&J-353 C&J-225 C&J-226 C&J-349 C&J-227 C&J-229 C&J-356 C&J-326 C&J-332 C&J-341 C&J-307 C&J-338 C&J-333 C&J-355 C&J-328 C&J-363 C&J-364 C&J-373 C&J-376 C&J-377 C&J-379 C&J-380 C&J-382 C&J-386 C&J-388 C&J-389 C&J-392 C&J-367 C&J-366 C&J-394 C&J-398 C&J-428 C&J-402 C&J-424 C&J-403 C&J-419 C&J-404 C&J-416 C&J-410 C&J-430 C&J-431 C&J-432 C&J-433 C&J-434 C&J-435 C&J-436 C&J-437 C&J-438 C&J-439 C&J-440 C&J-441 C&J-442 C&J-450 C&J-451 C&J-452

C&J-388 C&J-389 C&J-392 C&J-453 C&J-455 C&J-457 C&J-458 C&J-459 C&J-460 C&J-461 C&J-462 C&J-466 C&J-478 C&J-479 C&J-480 C&J-481 C&J-483 C&J-484 C&J-485 C&J-487 C&J-488 C&J-489 C&J-491 C&J-492 C&J-493 C&J-494 C&J-495 C&J-497 C&J-499 C&J-501 C&J-503 C&J-504 C&J-506 C&J-475 C&J-476

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