I loved working with these two…Nicole & Warren you truly are special human beings….

Here is a sneak peek to your couple shoot at Delsma Farm

N&W_0117 N&W_0102 N&W_0119 N&W_0103 N&W_0152 N&W_0168 N&W_0154 N&W_0170 N&W_0163 N&W_0158 N&W_0149 N&W_0141 N&W_0143 N&W_0129 N&W_0138 N&W_0133 N&W_0136 N&W_0131 N&W_0130 N&W_0124 N&W_0123 N&W_0120 N&W_0122 N&W_0128 N&W_0127 N&W_0126 N&W_0145 N&W_0139 N&W_0165 N&W_0159 N&W_0164 N&W_0155 N&W_0147 N&W_0151 N&W_0134 N&W_0125 N&W_0115 N&W_0113 N&W_0106 N&W_0114 N&W_0105 N&W_0112 N&W_0104 N&W_0111 N&W_0100 N&W_0101 N&W_0118 N&W_0121 N&W_0137 N&W_0132 N&W_0140 N&W_0142 N&W_0146 N&W_0162 N&W_0160 N&W_0157 N&W_0167 N&W_0161 N&W_0169 N&W_0166 N&W_0110 N&W_0109 N&W_0108 N&W_0107