Bursts of colour EVERYWHERE! Exactly how a festive wedding celebration should look like!

We first met Ashley & Daneel on their Cape Town Beach Engagement Session – and the plans they then had for their beautiful wedding day, exceeded all expectations.

These two are lovely and the love they have for each other is evident in the way they look at each other when they think no one is watching.

Their guests were in for a feast at the reception and we all LOVED their first dance that was beautifully choreographed.

Wishing you a life of Love & Happiness!

Photographer: Jorinda Louw

Videographer: Japie Louw

A&D_0001 A&D_0002

A&D_0200 A&D_0201 A&D_0202

A&D_0003 A&D_0004 A&D_0005 A&D_0006 A&D_0007 A&D_0008 A&D_0009 A&D_0010 A&D_0011 A&D_0012 A&D_0013 A&D_0014 A&D_0015 A&D_0016 A&D_0017 A&D_0018 A&D_0019 A&D_0020 A&D_0022 A&D_0023 A&D_0024 A&D_0025 A&D_0026 A&D_0027 A&D_0028 A&D_0029 A&D_0030 A&D_0031 A&D_0032 A&D_0033 A&D_0021 A&D_0034 A&D_0035 A&D_0036 A&D_0037 A&D_0038 A&D_0039 A&D_0040 A&D_0041 A&D_0042 A&D_0043 A&D_0044 A&D_0045 A&D_0046 A&D_0047 A&D_0048 A&D_0049 A&D_0050 A&D_0051 A&D_0052 A&D_0053

A&D_0054 A&D_0055 A&D_0056 A&D_0057 A&D_0058 A&D_0059 A&D_0060 A&D_0061 A&D_0062 A&D_0063 A&D_0064 A&D_0065 A&D_0066 A&D_0067 A&D_0068 A&D_0069 A&D_0070 A&D_0071 A&D_0072 A&D_0073 A&D_0074 A&D_0079 A&D_0080 A&D_0081 A&D_0082 A&D_0083 A&D_0084 A&D_0088 A&D_0090 A&D_0085 A&D_0091 A&D_0086 A&D_0092 A&D_0087 A&D_0093 A&D_0094 A&D_0095 A&D_0096

A&D_0110 A&D_0113 A&D_0105 A&D_0122 A&D_0075 A&D_0099 A&D_0076 A&D_0102 A&D_0077 A&D_0103 A&D_0078 A&D_0098 A&D_0097 A&D_0106 A&D_0100 A&D_0107 A&D_0101 A&D_0108 A&D_0109 A&D_0104 A&D_0114 A&D_0112 A&D_0111 A&D_0115 A&D_0116 A&D_0117 A&D_0118 A&D_0119 A&D_0120 A&D_0126 A&D_0127 A&D_0128 A&D_0121 A&D_0129 A&D_0130 A&D_0123 A&D_0124 A&D_0125 A&D_0131 A&D_0132 A&D_0133 A&D_0134 A&D_0135 A&D_0136 A&D_0137 A&D_0138 A&D_0139 A&D_0140 A&D_0141 A&D_0142 A&D_0143 A&D_0144 A&D_0145

A&D_0146 A&D_0147 A&D_0148 A&D_0149 A&D_0150 A&D_0151 A&D_0154 A&D_0155 A&D_0156 A&D_0157 A&D_0158 A&D_0159 A&D_0160 A&D_0161 A&D_0162 A&D_0163 A&D_0164 A&D_0165 A&D_0166 A&D_0167 A&D_0168 A&D_0169 A&D_0170 A&D_0171 A&D_0172 A&D_0173 A&D_0174 A&D_0175 A&D_0185 A&D_0186 A&D_0176 A&D_0177 A&D_0178 A&D_0179 A&D_0180 A&D_0181 A&D_0182 A&D_0183 A&D_0184