There was a point in the ceremony….right when they were busy with their vows when I had a goosebumps moment. Scripture was read from the Bible, and it was from Ruth 1:16 – “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God”

For a moment everything went quiet, time stood still as these two became one under the law and in the eyes of God!

Meet the absolutely stunning Marianne & Elandre who hosted their beautiful Cape Town Wedding Celebration at the breathtaking Molenvliet Estate.

This wedding was full of WOW moments that absolutely took my breath away while I captured all the happenings throughout.

The flowers, the attention to detail, Marianne’s dress (I mean WOW) and just the overall festivities that was an incredible sight to be hold and a FEAST to photograph.

This day could not have been possible without amazing service providers who brought the dream day to life.

(If I do forget someone, please inbox me for you to be added)

Make-up & Hair: Lisa Brown

Wedding Co’ordination: Izandi from IDO weddings

Decor & Flowers: Paramithi Flowers

Photography: Shireen Louw

Assistant: Le-Handre Havenga

Videography: FJS Productions

FireDancers: Firetribe

M&E_0140 M&E_0001 M&E_0002 M&E_0003 M&E_0004 M&E_0005 M&E_0006 M&E_0007 M&E_0008 M&E_0009 M&E_0098 M&E_0097 M&E_0096 M&E_0099 M&E_0100 M&E_0102 M&E_0177 M&E_0178 M&E_0010 M&E_0015 M&E_0016 M&E_0017 M&E_0018 M&E_0019 M&E_0020 M&E_0021 M&E_0022 M&E_0023 M&E_0024 M&E_0025 M&E_0026 M&E_0027 M&E_0028 M&E_0029 M&E_0030 M&E_0031 M&E_0032 M&E_0221 M&E_0222

M&E_0011 M&E_0012 M&E_0034 M&E_0035 M&E_0036 M&E_0037 M&E_0038 M&E_0039 M&E_0040 M&E_0041 M&E_0042 M&E_0043 M&E_0044 M&E_0045 M&E_0046 M&E_0047 M&E_0048 M&E_0049 M&E_0050 M&E_0051 M&E_0052 M&E_0053 M&E_0055 M&E_0056 M&E_0057 M&E_0058 M&E_0223 M&E_0059 M&E_0060 M&E_0061 M&E_0062 M&E_0063 M&E_0064 M&E_0065 M&E_0066 M&E_0067 M&E_0068 M&E_0069 M&E_0070 M&E_0224 M&E_0071 M&E_0072 M&E_0226 M&E_0225 M&E_0073 M&E_0074 M&E_0075 M&E_0076 M&E_0077 M&E_0078 M&E_0079 M&E_0080 M&E_0081 M&E_0082 M&E_0083 M&E_0084 M&E_0085 M&E_0086 M&E_0087 M&E_0088 M&E_0089 M&E_0090 M&E_0091 M&E_0092 M&E_0093 M&E_0094 M&E_0095

M&E_0101 M&E_0157 M&E_0230 M&E_0227 M&E_0232

M&E_0104 M&E_0106 M&E_0117 M&E_0109 M&E_0118 M&E_0119 M&E_0111 M&E_0127 M&E_0124 M&E_0113 M&E_0122 M&E_0114 M&E_0105 M&E_0112 M&E_0121 M&E_0128 M&E_0125 M&E_0123 M&E_0116 M&E_0126 M&E_0120 M&E_0110 M&E_0108 M&E_0115 M&E_0103 M&E_0107 M&E_0129 M&E_0130 M&E_0131 M&E_0136 M&E_0132 M&E_0137 M&E_0133 M&E_0138 M&E_0134 M&E_0139 M&E_0135

M&E_0142 M&E_0143 M&E_0144 M&E_0145 M&E_0147 M&E_0148 M&E_0149 M&E_0150 M&E_0154 M&E_0155 M&E_0156

M&E_0161 M&E_0162


M&E_0163 M&E_0164 M&E_0158 M&E_0159 M&E_0160 M&E_0165 M&E_0166 M&E_0167 M&E_0168 M&E_0169 M&E_0170 M&E_0171 M&E_0172 M&E_0173 M&E_0174 M&E_0175 M&E_0176 M&E_0179 M&E_0180 M&E_0181 M&E_0182  M&E_0190 M&E_0191 M&E_0192 M&E_0193

M&E_0194 M&E_0196 M&E_0197 M&E_0198



M&E_0199 M&E_0200 M&E_0201 M&E_0212 M&E_0202 M&E_0203 M&E_0204 M&E_0205 M&E_0206 M&E_0207 M&E_0208 M&E_0209 M&E_0210

M&E_0216 M&E_0218 M&E_0215