HOW ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS are these two!!! David & Phyllis chose to host their wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town, and What A Wedding it was.

The love there two have for each other and the close family bond between all of them was clearly visible and the beautiful emotions and love was felt by everybody who attended.

It was such a feast to capture the special moments of their day and I promise you, there was about 2 times I personally had to held back the tears when the vows and speeches was being said.

I wish you the very best in life, loads of adventure and all the love in the world!

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P&D_0093 P&D_0094 P&D_0095 P&D_0100 P&D_0098 P&D_0097 P&D_0096 P&D_0082 P&D_0083 P&D_0084 P&D_0086 P&D_0087 P&D_0089 P&D_0090 P&D_0092 P&D_0103 P&D_0102 P&D_0104 P&D_0105 P&D_0107 P&D_0108 P&D_0109 P&D_0110 P&D_0111 P&D_0112 P&D_0113 P&D_0114 P&D_0115 P&D_0116 P&D_0117 P&D_0118 P&D_0119 P&D_0120 P&D_0121 P&D_0122 P&D_0123 P&D_0124 P&D_0125 P&D_0126 P&D_0127 P&D_0128 P&D_0129 P&D_0130 P&D_0131 P&D_0132 P&D_0133 P&D_0134 P&D_0135 P&D_0136 P&D_0137 P&D_0138 P&D_0139 P&D_0140 P&D_0141 P&D_0142 P&D_0143 P&D_0144 P&D_0145 P&D_0146 P&D_0147 P&D_0148 P&D_0149 P&D_0153 P&D_0165 P&D_0166 P&D_0156 P&D_0157 P&D_0158 P&D_0159 P&D_0160 P&D_0161 P&D_0162 P&D_0164 P&D_0167 P&D_0168 P&D_0169 P&D_0170 P&D_0173 P&D_0177

P&D_0195 P&D_0188 P&D_0187 P&D_0186 P&D_0180 P&D_0176 P&D_0174 P&D_0175 P&D_0179

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P&D_0213 P&D_0225 P&D_0235 P&D_0236 P&D_0228 P&D_0238 P&D_0230 P&D_0221 P&D_0212 P&D_0220 P&D_0192 P&D_0190 P&D_0189 P&D_0214 P&D_0217 P&D_0218 P&D_0219 P&D_0226 P&D_0222 P&D_0237 P&D_0239 P&D_0233 P&D_0232 P&D_0231 P&D_0227 P&D_0194 P&D_0185 P&D_0183 P&D_0193 P&D_0215 P&D_0216 P&D_0224 P&D_0223 P&D_0234 P&D_0240 P&D_0241 P&D_0242 P&D_0243

P&D_0198 P&D_0199 P&D_0200 P&D_0201 P&D_0202 P&D_0203 P&D_0204 P&D_0205 P&D_0206 P&D_0207 P&D_0208 P&D_0209 P&D_0210 P&D_0211 P&D_0244 P&D_0245 P&D_0246 P&D_0247 P&D_0248 P&D_0249 P&D_0250 P&D_0251 P&D_0252 P&D_0253 P&D_0254 P&D_0255 P&D_0256 P&D_0257 P&D_0258 P&D_0259 P&D_0260 P&D_0261 P&D_0262 P&D_0263 P&D_0264 P&D_0265 P&D_0266 P&D_0267 P&D_0268 P&D_0269 P&D_0270 P&D_0271 P&D_0272 P&D_0273 P&D_0274 P&D_0275 P&D_0276 P&D_0277 P&D_0278 P&D_0279 P&D_0280 P&D_0281 P&D_0282 P&D_0283 P&D_0284 P&D_0285 P&D_0286 P&D_0287 P&D_0288 P&D_0289 P&D_0290 P&D_0291 P&D_0292 P&D_0293 P&D_0294 P&D_0295 P&D_0196

P&D_0296 P&D_0297 P&D_0298 P&D_0299 P&D_0300 P&D_0301 P&D_0302 P&D_0303 P&D_0304 P&D_0305 P&D_0306 P&D_0307 P&D_0308 P&D_0309 P&D_0310 P&D_0311 P&D_0312 P&D_0313 P&D_0314 P&D_0315 P&D_0316 P&D_0317 P&D_0318 P&D_0319 P&D_0320 P&D_0322 P&D_0323 P&D_0324 P&D_0325 P&D_0326 P&D_0327 P&D_0328 P&D_0329