Frequently Asked Questions


[accordion_label]How Long Have You Been A Photographer[/accordion_label]

[accordion_content]I have been a photographer for 7 years now. Since I started photographing weddings I have traveled to a few countries and extensively over South Africa which allowed me to photograph over 300 weddings as well as have a few fun and interesting travel photography opportunities,[/accordion_content]

[accordion_label]Are you a full time photographer?[/accordion_label]

[accordion_content]I love photography, and I am lucky to have my hobby as my full time job. Photography is what I do full time. Every day new projects are planned, shoots are being edited or I am away shooting gorgeous brides/families/models/babies/couples.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_label]What is your dream Wedding Shoot/Location?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]South Africa to me is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the perfect place to have your destination wedding. Living in Cape Town, the brides here have the best of everything. However, since I am from sunny South Africa, I would say my dream location to photograph a wedding would be somewhere where it snows. There is just something about the light, snow filled mountain peaks, the softness and the romance about it.

[accordion_label]How to confirm my services?[/accordion_label]

[accordion_content]Booking my services requires a 50% booking fee of the selected package price. Accomodation & Travel Fees (If applicable) is payable separately.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Do you travel Internationally to Shoot Weddings?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]Yes! I love traveling, photography gives me the opportunity to experience other cultures, see fantastic places and get to meet so many different people.[accordion_content]

[accordion_label]What is your overall approach to weddings or any other shoot?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]
I love natural light first of all, so if I can shoot outside, or somewhere light and airy I am in heaven! I approach every client, every shoot and every wedding differently.
I do have a few techniques/poses etc, that helps set the style in which I photograph, but I will always consider the need of each client and adapt to it and give a personal spin on their style with my own style. Some clients prefer romantic, others have a flair for the dramatic or quirky. If I do receive requests or even when interacting with them, get a distinct sense of what the client prefers, I will make sure to bring out those specific elements more than others but still keep true to my style.

[accordion_label]Besides on your own blog, have you been featured anywhere else?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

Yes indeed I have been features on International and South African Wedding blogs.To name a few B.Loved Uk BlogLovileeOh Darling DaysWant That Wedding Uk Blog, Adore Weddings UK Blog, ConfettidayDreams;Southbound Bride

[accordion_label]Besides photography, do you have any other interests?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]I have quite an interest in creative writing, and as a result have been blogging about things that interest me. I love giving ideas to brides and informing them about things only someone with years of industry experience would know. I have started in 2013, a Inspirational Blog for women.

[accordion_label]What Equipment do you use?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]I have been shooting with Nikon and am very fond of my D700 ~ View a complete list of my equipment

[accordion_label]What sets me apart from other photographers?[/accordion_label][accordion_content]

A more cliche answer than saying because I am passionate about what I do, is hard to find, however it is the truth! I am in love with photography, I love meeting new people and being creative. When I photograph I also try to do something different every time, be a little more creative or just go all out with a new concept. I always try to give my clients the best experience.There is nothing more exciting and nerve wrecking than having your picture taken,specially on your wedding day, so making it a fun experience while I am doing what I do best is on top of my list. Hours of love and careful selection of editing techniques go into post production. I even have decided to design most of the albums myself from mid 2013, so one more thing I can get creative with.

[accordion_label]What you might not know about me ;-)[/accordion_label][accordion_content]I have an adventurous streak, I have been skydiving, bungee jumping and quite a few other extreme sports. Recently I have also taken up running, which I have to admit, I enjoy more than I thought I would.Personally I love to challenge myself, being my own worst critic I always try to improve. Every wedding, every shoot and event presents an opportunity to become a better photographer than I was yesterday.