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Is Styled Shoots Setting a Bad Example?

Photographers love to experiment! We like to be creative and create beautiful images.I personally love to do at least 2-3 styled shoots a year. One where every detail is planned/sourced and carefully executed.

The problem with all this wonderful inspiration is that is sets the bar very high in regards to real life.

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How to keep family drama out of your wedding

A wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. It is your day! It is one day when everything revolves around you and your groom. It marks the beginning of your future together. But we all have that meddling aunt, that crazy uncle or bossy sister in law. Wedding planning can have a way of bring out the dark side. Here are some tips how to deal with them and limit the drama.

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A Day At The Beach

What better way to celebrate Woman’s Day than doing a few stops around Campsbay beach to do a quick morning shoot! Cape Town delivered a beautiful sunny winters day and we took full advantage of it.

To all the beautiful women out there….You are beautiful! Celebrate life!

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